Is Tria Safe To Use During Pregnancy?

Acne during pregnancy is common – as if the morning sickness isn’t enough, right? The hormone fluctuations many times will cause acne during pregnancy, even for those women that normally don’t deal with pimple breakouts.

With the increasing popularity of blue light acne treatments, many women are wondering if at home blue light acne devices or light acne treatments like TRIA and Baby Quasar are safe for use during pregnancy.

Of course the most important thing to keep in mind here is consulting with your doctor. Nothing can replace the advice and guidance you get from your doctor or midwife. Each pregnancy is different and the needs and concerns of each expectant mother vary. Do yourself and your unborn baby a favor and talk to your doctor before using anything that you have questions about.

Having said that, experts agree on the fact that the blue light acne treatments like those that TRIA and Baby Quasar offer are safe to use for women before, during, and after pregnancy. The light that these devices use a visible blue or violet light that is completely different than that of invisible UV lights and x-rays that are harmful. Professionals do suggest that when using blue light during pregnancy, you avoid using it on or close to your abdomen just as a precaution.

Just as blue light acne treatments are safe for use during pregnancy, they are also safe for those trying to become pregnant as well as postpartum mothers as it does not pose a threat to breast milk.  If you or your doctor are hesitant at all about using the blue light acne treatment during pregnancy, you can choose to treat your acne in a different way while pregnant and wait to use the blue light acne treatment system after giving birth.

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